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Council has developed and implemented a dog management policy and relevant staff oversee its operation. Stray dogs are impounded and cared for at the Burnie Dogs Home under a service agreement with the Tasmanian Canine Defence League. The contact phone number for the Burnie Dogs Home is (03) 6431 6199.  All impounded dogs are subject to an impounding fee of $10.00 and a daily maintenance fee of $30.00. Infringement charges also apply (depending on the number of offences), which are detailed here.

Due to new laws all dogs must be under effective control at all times. Please also refer to signage in designated off leash and dog exercise areas.  If you are unsure please contact Council's Animal Control Officer 6443 8333. 

The Council also maintains a pound at East Wynyard to accommodate straying stock.

Dog Management Policy Dog%20Management%20Policy (29 kb)

Dog Registration Form

There are a number of restrictions over summer as part of Council's Dog Management Policy.

These apply from 1 December to 28 February each year.

The following areas have been declared as restricted, prohibited, or exercise areas under the Dog Control Act 2000.  These areas are signposted for easy reference, as follows:


Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

During Summer:

  • Restricted before 10:00am and after 6:00pm
  • Prohibited between 10:00am – 6:00pm


No dogs allowed at any time


Dogs allowed to be taken at any time.

(Dogs may be exercised off leash, under effective control)



  • Boat Harbour - Western end of beach to last house on beach.
  • Sisters Beach-Stockdale Avenue to Honeysuckle Avenue.
  • Wynyard - Fossil Bluff & Inglis River mouth to Port Creek mouth.
  • Somerset -Arthur StreettoCamRiver.


  • Seabrook Creek mouth to Woody Point, Somerset.


  • Sisters Beach, Stockdale Avenue to Boat Ramp.
  • Wynyard, Inglis River mouth to Port Creek (6.00pm to 10.00am)
  • Wnyard, Port Creek mouth to Seabrook Creek mouth.
  • Somerset,WoodyPointtoArthur Street.

Dog owners are advised to take a plastic bag with them when walking on the beach to clean up any faeces left by their dog.  Dogs must be under effective control whenever in a public place.

Due to new dog laws, all dogs must be on a lead at all times unless in a designated off leash area.

Maps of designated dog beaches may be obtained from Customer Service Staff at the Waratah-Wynyard Council Chambers or by clicking here.

Theses details are also contained in Council's Designated Dog Beaches brochure, which is available below.

Designated Dog Beaches Brochure(685 kb)

Due to new dog laws, all dogs must be under effective control at all times.


Responsible Cat Ownership

From 1 July 2012, cat management laws apply throughout Tasmania.

If you own, acquire, breed or sell a cat these new measures affect you.


The Cat Management Act 2009 and Cat Management Regulations 2012;

  • Aim to promote the welfare and responsible ownership, including desexing and microchipping, of domestic cats;
  • Allow for the humane handling and control of unidentified, stray and feral cats;
  • Reduce the negative effects of cats on the environment.


Information is available from the Invasive Species Branch, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment – website:

More information is available here

Cat control is currently not a function in the Waratah Wynyard Council, municipal area – however cats can be taken to the following Cat management facilities;

RSPCA Launceston RSPCA Hobart RSPCA Devonport   Hobart Cat Centre
63 Remount Rd, 553 Pass Rd, 108 Tarleton Rd, 12 Selfs Pt Rd
Mowbray 7248 Mornington 7018 Spreyton 7310 New Town 7005
Ph 6332 8282 Ph 6244 3033 Ph 6427 2566  Ph 6278 2111

Should you require someone to pick up a restrained cat, or wish to surrender a cat please contact North West Animal Controlon 6426 1116, who will pick up the cat for a fee.

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