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Fixed - Term and Casual Children’s Services Register

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3. Describe the process you would need to use when developing and implementing a program.*
4. What is your knowledge of the Regulations and Standards in Childcare?*
5. Please give a brief overview of what you know about the National Quality Framework.*
6. Describe your understanding of child development.*
7. How do you ensure effective communication with parents, staff members, and children?*
8. Describe the ‘ideal’ childcare environment. The physical environment and the program operating within it.*
9. What does it mean to provide the optimum outcome for each individual child?*
10. Please describe some examples of things you have done that show initiative and resourcefulness.*

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A response to the selection criteria (above) and CV is required for this application (.doc or .pdf only). Note: if applying for a casual position only attach your CV.

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