Interim Planning Scheme Background Information

All nine Cradle Coast Councils have committed to provide contemporary and consistent planning schemes to the Tasmanian Government as part of state-wide reforms to planning processes.

Cradle Coast member Councils are the first in the state to finalise draft planning schemes and deliver them to the Minister for Planning as a regional 'bundle'. Each of the nine Councils in the region have been working together to produce their draft schemes.

Completing the interim draft planning schemes and commencing the next phase of the planning reform process will be a significant step.

What's happened so far?

Council ratified the Draft Interim Planning Scheme, which was delivered to the Minister for Planning.

The State Government has issued mandatory instruction for the format, structure and some regulatory content for the new planning schemes. The Cradle Coast Councils have applied these instructions to develop a common regional template for their new planning schemes. The regional template is the framework into which all of the Councils have been translating their existing planning schemes.

The draft planning schemes align with the Cradle Coast Regional Land Use Strategy which was approved in October 2011. This alignment ensures that all new draft planning schemes reflect both current land use and future needs and requirements from a common regional perspective.

Council has finalised the documents into a format required by the Minister for Planning’s Direction. The Minister has now made a declaration of the interim Planning Schemes. A period of two months for public review and comment on the new schemes will begin when the planning schemes are declared by the Minister on 19 October 2013. Each Council will ensure that the opportunity for comment and submissions on the approved planning schemes is well promoted and coordinated across the region so that everyone can have their say and be heard.

Until the assessment is completed and the Minister for Planning approves the new schemes, the existing planning scheme continues to apply. Please find the existing planning scheme below.

Waratah-Wynyard Planning Scheme 2000(1617 kb)

The new planning schemes

The primary reason for making a new planning scheme is to improve coordination and consistency between planning schemes in terms of regional purpose and regulatory content. The new planning schemes are not intended to introduce radical change. The new schemes will therefore translate rather than change existing opportunities for use, development, protection and conservation of land.

The new planning schemes aim to be consistent across the region - things are similarly described and are generally dealt with the same way wherever they occur.

The regional planning scheme template contains provisions to cover the full range of planning situations that are likely to arise in the region. The objective is not to be different unless their is very sound reason.

To make the planning schemes easier to navigate, the new schemes are designed to be used online in an interactive format so the user only views sections of the scheme that are relevant to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following document, which answers the most frequently asked questions in relation to the Interim Planning Scheme.

Interim Planning Scheme FAQs(514 kb) 

More information is also available by clicking here

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