Building and Plumbing Application Forms

singleFileApplication for copies of Approved Building Plans or Documents

singleFileForm 1 - Application for Demolition Permit

singleFileForm 2 Application for Building Permit

singleFileForm 3 Application for Plumbing Permit

singleFileForm 9 - Application for permit of Substantial Compliance

singleFileForm 39 - Start-Work Notification and Authorisation - Builidng Work

singleFileForm 53 Notice of intention to install Heating Applicance

singleFileForm 54 Heating Appliance Compliance Certificate

singleFileForm 57 Application for Building Certificate

singleFileForm 60 Start Work Notification and Authorisation - Plumbing

singleFileForm 71B Standard of Work Certificate Plumbing Work

singleFileForm 76A Application Extension of Duration of Building Permit

singleFileForm 76B Application Extension of Duration of Plumbing Permit

singleFileForm 76C Application Extension of Duration of Demolition Permit

singleFileForm 77 - Notice of Performance of Emergency Work

singleFileForm 80 Notice of Low Risk Work

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